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JCP Software & Company  is in the business of designing and offering engineering design software. Our signature software offering is Slide-RuleTM, a Windows based program. Slide-RuleTM  has been designed as a basic engineering/scientific toolbox for engineers, scientists, and students.  It has been designed for the popular PC platforms and running under Microsoft Windows .  Its design intent is to provide a computational platform to allow one to develop algorithms and carry out complex calculations in a simple and straight forward manner.  It comes with over 600 functions that cover Mathematical Functions, Special Mathematical Functions, Random Number and Distributions, Matrix/Vector Operations, Digital Filter Design, Spectral Analysis, Adaptive Filters, Control Engineering, Polynomial Functions, Differential Equations and Numerical Integration, Non-Linear Methods, Elementary Statistics, File I/O, and Plotting routines.  In addition. as part of Slide-Rule, we offer a graphical Smith Chart module (RF-Chart), to perform simple RF design and calculations for Microwave Transistor Amplifier Design.  Visit our web page RF-Chart Overview and RF-Charts Plots.