Slide-Rule Graphic

The Slide-Rule graphic harkens back to the days when engineers made calculations using this type of mechanical device (based on logarithmic scales). This window in Slide-Rule serves as a launching pad to a number of functions.  Under the File tile, one can create a new file or folder; edit various types of files within the Slide-Rule software system; find a file under the Slide-Rule directory; bring up the Windows Calculator, Command Window, or the Notepad program.  Under the Config tile, various options are available to configure features within Slide-Rule.  Under the Filter tile, one can bring up various GUI dialog procedures for designing digital filters. The Shell tile allows one to select a shell file to launch into the compiler/Interpreter for execution, or into the custom editor for editing.  The Help tile allows one to access the Help files for the Functions Reference, or the Filter design GUI interface. After the Help tile, are 10 tiles whereby the user can select a demo shell script to demonstrate the capability of this design tool.  There are approximately 250 demo files under these tiles.  On the bottom of the Slide-Rule graphic window, we see function keys in red.  These function keys allow the user to:  F6 – Bring up the GUI Help;  F7 – Bring up the Functions Reference Help;  F8 – The Calculator Program; F9 – A DOS type Command Window;  F10 – The current selected Shell Script file into the Custom Editor;  F11- Launch the current selected Shell Script file into the compiler/Interpreter for execution; F12 – Display the print file from the selected Shell Script file into the Windows Wordpad program for display or printing.  Finally, the ‘Your Name’ gets changed to your name when you register the product.